Sweden Mutomo Projects International


Helping people to help themselves

Main Objective

To contribute in the alleviation of poverty through infrastructural, educational and economic services.

Provision of safe drinking water

SMPI is committed to providing safe and clean drinking water to communities in Kitui County through the implementation of various water projects such as boreholes, shallow wells, earth dams, and the installation of Ferro cement and plastic tanks for rainwater harvesting at institutions.

School Improvement Programs; Hardware

SMPI is committed to contributing to the improvement of education by providing school improvement programs that include the hardware necessary for creating a conducive learning environment, such as constructing new buildings and renovating/repairing existing structures.

SMPI Education Sponsorship

SMPI’s focuses on providing educational opportunities to children in underprivileged communities through the Child Foundation Scholarship Program and Junior Achievement.

The Child Foundation Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to cover their school fees, uniforms, books, and other educational expenses. Junior Achievement aims to teach children entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness skills through experiential learning.

By investing in education, SMPI is contributing to the growth and development of future leaders.

SMPI Agribusiness and Agroforestry

SMPI is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and agroforestry practices in Kitui County. Through the establishment of tree nurseries and facilitating community groups and schools to participate in tree planting activities, SMPI aims to improve the local environment and enhance food security.

Additionally, the organization provides training and support to farmers to increase their productivity and profitability

SMPI Sports Academy

SMPI Sports Academy aims to develop the talents of young boys and girls in football and volleyball, providing a platform for them to grow and excel in their respective sports.

Our focus is on under 13 age boys and under 16 age boys and girls, giving them the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. Through expert coaching, a supportive community, and access to top-of-the-line facilities, we help young athletes reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Reproductive Health

SMPI’s Reproductive Health program aims to promote access to family planning services and education, as well as provide support for teenage mothers in order to improve maternal and child health outcomes in the community.